JiranSoft’s Century Dream: Leadership and Product Generational Shift Begins

In an inspiring dialogue at JiranSoft’s Pangyo headquarters,

we uncovered the ambitious journey of a company setting the groundwork for a 100-year legacy through innovative leadership and product transformation. Founded in 1994 by Oh Chi-young, JiranSoft, a notable enterprise software developer in South Korea, has made headlines by appointing Seung-Ae Park as its sole CEO. Park’s appointment in 2020 as one of the youngest female CEOs in the IT industry, holding a non-engineering background, marked a significant shift towards a new era of leadership prioritizing people over technology.

This move came at a time when JiranSoft was navigating through the COVID-19 crisis, aiming to address not just technological challenges but also focusing on the mental well-being of its employees. Park’s dream of establishing a care center for employees’ psychological counseling reflects the company’s broader mission to create a supportive and innovative work environment. Under Park’s leadership, JiranSoft has not only achieved remarkable sales growth with its security solution, OfficeKeeper, but is also preparing to launch OfficeNext, a flagship product aimed at enhancing productivity and innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Oh Chi-young, now serving as the Chief Dream Officer, emphasizes the importance of fostering a workplace culture where employees freely pursue their passions, a philosophy that has been instrumental in JiranSoft’s growth and diversification. As JiranSoft celebrates its 30th anniversary, the company is poised to further expand into the Japanese market with OfficeNext and develop a ‘Jiran membership’ for access to various products from the JiranSoft family of companies.

JiranSoft’s vision extends beyond technology, aspiring to be a century-long software company that remains at the heart of innovation and human-centric leadership. The journey of JiranSoft and its leaders underscores the transformative power of dreaming big and the relentless pursuit of those dreams.

For more insights into JiranSoft’s innovative journey and leadership philosophy, read the full article here: Chosun Biz.

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