B2B SaaS


to Global

We aim to become a trillion company by 2030.

13 years

It took 13 years from 0 won to 10 billion won in sales.

12 years

And it took 12 years from 10 billion to 100 billion in sales.

11 years

We aim to grow into 1 trillion company in 2030, 11 years later.

We are focusing on
two strategies below.

B2B SaaS

What we can do best.

Providing good software for as many businesses possible at a good price,

We try to do what we do best better than what we have done so far.

Leave software concerns to us
so you can focus on business.

Japan to Global

We want to expand to global markets.

The starting point is Japan.

The combination of Korea's speed and Japan's craftsmanship will create great synergy and lead us to the global market.

We focus on the Japanese market.

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