JiranFamily Starts New Challenges at Pangyo Office (JIRAN 37)

JiranFamily’s new office (JIRAN 37) was completed in January 2023 after four years of construction.

The site area of JIRAN 37 is about 1,000 square meters and the total floor area is about 13,000 square meters. Excluding common areas such as elevators and emergency exits, the pure office space is approximately 200 square meters per floor.

The construction was carried out by Hyundai Construction and the design was done by Samwoo Architecture, which is well known for Parkwon and Naver 1784.

At JIRAN 37, you can feel the free and young culture of JiranFamily. The basketball court in the lobby on the first floor, which is the first thing you see when you enter the entrance, is a prime example. Anyone can play a game of basketball anytime to change their mood and build camaraderie.

Next to it are bench-shaped stairs, sofas, and cafe tables where anyone can relax until the second floor.

The second floor houses the main common areas. There is an open meeting room for visitors and a studio for strengthening media content, a women’s lounge for female employees, a fitness center and a care center for physical health. In particular, the fitness center and care center have professional personal trainers and masseurs on site for more meticulous care.

The restaurant on the third floor was the most anticipated place even before moving in. It has a structure in the form of a courtyard with an open ceiling, so you can enjoy a pleasant meal while receiving the sunlight. A cafe with a variety of menus, a separate space for special meals called the fine dining room, and the rooftop garden on the fourth floor are also essential for making Jiran’s lunch enjoyable.

The 12th floor, which has been the most popular since moving in, has a variety of meeting rooms that can be used for various purposes and two lounges with unique personalities. You can relax or work comfortably on the sofa and wood slab in the south lounge, and there is a kitchen and beer tap with a large iron plate in the north lounge for a fun time.

As of February 1, 2023, affiliates such as JiranSoft, JiranSecurity, JiranData, JiranPartners, JiranTech, and JiranComms have completed their move. Mobizen will move in by the middle of March 2023, and 450 Jiran People from 12 affiliates and subsidiaries of JiranFamily will gather at JIRAN 37 to create synergy.

A survey of Jiran People who have moved in has shown that satisfaction is above expectations. They expressed their opinions such as “The office is so beautiful and sophisticated,” “I feel the consideration for employees in the convenience facilities everywhere,” and “I came to work today because the office is so nice even though I am working from home.”

In addition, policies have been prepared for employees whose commuting distance has increased. In addition to the shuttle bus between the office and Pangyo Station, a commuter bus also departs from major points in Seoul. In addition, Jiran-only carpooling service is being prepared to reduce the gaps in bus operation schedules.

JiranFamily expects that the relocation of this office will lead to expanded exchanges and cooperation between major affiliates and subsidiaries, and that the culture that has been passed down so far will mature even more. Based on this, we will continue to pursue new dreams and challenges as we have been, as we will become a B2B SaaS company that leads rapidly changing technologies.

Lee Soo-keun, CEO of JiranSoft, who was in charge of the PM for the construction of the office, said, “We will make every effort to generate various business synergies through active communication and collaboration between companies through the relocation of the new office, and to lead to sales and operating profit. In addition to quantitative growth, we will provide a space that fits the culture of JiranGroup like a tailored suit to support the happy working life of employees.”

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