2020 JiranFamily Day (Online)

This year, due to the special situation of COVID-19, the annual event that has been held in a grand manner was held online.

First of all, it is to actively participate in the administration of the state and the quarantine authorities because the safety of everyone is the top priority.

With the goal of “resetting the family’s thinking and attitude so that the crisis can be turned into an opportunity,” external expert panels, CDO, and representatives from some companies

had a time to listen to each other’s resolutions and measures in the post-COVID era.

This event was filmed at the Spigen Hall and broadcast live on YouTube to the entire family.

Starting with the opening by Jiran CEO Lee Soo-keun, we were able to listen to lectures and discussions on the topic of “Exploring New Opportunities” with Kim In-soon, CEO of The Milk, Professor Choi Jae-hong of Kangwon Wonju University, and Kim Young-deok, Senior Managing Director of Lotte Accelerator.

I think it was a very informative time when the expert’s knowledge and experience were conveyed in a unique way.

It was held quietly and safely with a minimum number of participants.

The CDO’s time to look back on the products and history of the JiranFamily and to urge our actions to overcome the difficult waves that will come in the future.

A time to answer questions from family members who are watching on YouTube on the spot. Unexpectedly, many questions were pouring in, and the atmosphere on the spot could rise to a higher level.

Next, the representatives of the major subsidiaries came out and told each of their current and future resolutions.

Park Seung-ae, CEO of JiranSoft, our deity who has been promoted to CEO from a deputy.

The speech, which was concise but delivered enough of the points to emphasize, was very impressive. Thanks to this, I was able to clearly understand what kind of business I am doing and what kind of ambition I have.

It was the most clear and accurate explanation of the reason why the family has many branches, and the most complete and convincing speech in recent times.

I can’t upload a picture of Jiran CEO Lee Soo-keun, but I was able to gain trust in the policies that aim for service-level work for the family and promote financial stability.

The process of the Bundang office was a long-lasting message in the minds of family members.

After all the speeches were over, the event was successfully concluded by gathering together and exchanging questions from the site and questions prepared in advance.

There was a closing remark that I hope to resume the offline event next year after overcoming COVID-19 well, but I think the experience of the event held online was a good opportunity as a new challenge.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the family members who participated a lot this year, and I would like to thank all the Jiran members who worked hard for the event.

Then, let’s meet again next year.

4월 말 공개 예정 🎬