JiranSecurity, Named as 'Content Transform Solution' Vendor in Gartner Report

JiranSecurity has been named as a Solution Vendor of ‘Content Transform’ in Gartner’s ‘5 Core Security Pattern to Protect Against Highly Evasive Attacks’ report. This report provides technical professional advice of 5 evasion-resilient security patterns to protect against highly evasive attacks. 5 core evasion-resilient security patterns are moving target defense, trust-pass filter, remote processing, content transform, containment and JiranSecurity named as solution vendor of CDR (Contents Disarm and Reconstruction) with its product ‘Sanitox’.


Sanitox is a CDR solution that employs JiranSecurity own developed CDR engine that can counter unknown security threats by removing executable active contents (such as macro, JavaScript) and embedded objects (buttons, OLE objects) in the files and then recombining the disarmed files as safe files.



Sanitox has awarded the grand prize for CDR in Security Award Korea last year and expanding its business in various industries such as finance, public institutions, enterprises and more. Now since it is acknowledged with global vendors side by side, we are looking forward to the global business success story.


If you want to know more about Sanitox, please visit https://en.jiransecurity.com/products/sanitox.


Gartner, 5 Core Security Patterns to Protect Against Highly Evasive Attacks, Mario de Boer, 11 Nov 2019

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