[Jiran Family] Company culture – How Jiran Family work

We hope that our culture is not fixed as a rule but live, breath, and keep changing.

We want to create various ways to practice our culture, so we can continue to grow in the most Jiran way.




Challenge comes from experimental mind…and DO!


It is important to keep trying even if we fail. Most of the actions fails and only some of them succeed, but we will support all Jiran people who continue to challenge. We will support all Jiran people who make changes for improvement and questioning the customs and reality.



Be an autonomous adult


We believe we have power. Power to be an autonomous adult. Through necessary policies and processes, we seek an autonomous culture in which the people of Jiran work by establishing their own principles and rules. We will tolerate failure and give another chance, but we will sternly hold them responsible for the failure of the work due to disloyalty and unethical behavior.



Clear two-way communication


Describe clearly the context of what needs to be done and why you should do this, what goals you have, etc. You need to try to make all members look same direction to reach same goals.



Think essentials, Act quickly


Always think about the essential of your work and test quickly on a compact scale to set the timing. That’s the speed at which Jiran Family is going.



Be the confident white-haired engineer


We want the old engineer to be confident of himself. We want people of Jiran to respect them and work together. We do not want full-aged engineers to be managers regardless of their abilities or desires but because they are older than others. Jiran is a flexible organization where anyone can become an expert in their area and share their know-how and ideas. Jiran is a place where you get rewarded in various ways such as salary, work and life time balance, and so on.



As how we learned in kindergarten


We hope the people of Jiran will trust each other, be considerate, and grow together.

We consider moral values and ethical behavior more important than the benefits before our eyes.



Perform good deeds


We hope our sharing helps others even if it is small.

We hope these behaviors and minds will have a good influence on people of Jiran and become a virtuous circle so that we can grow with the community.



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