Exosphere Labs] The First Unified Threat Management(UTM) Endpoint Protection for SMBs

“We’ve been preparing since RSA, a leading global security conference, in 2017, and we’re about to make our debut. We offer ‘Exosphere Endpoint Protection’ for businesses with 50 to 100 employees where they are having trouble with hiring security managers in the form of software as a service (SaaS), a cloud application.” – Sang Ho Park, CEO of Exosphere Labs




Exosphere Labs is a company that was established by Jiran for aggressive global business. Since the second half of 2017, Jiran has been preparing cloud-based security services targeting the global market along with Exosphere. Experiences of serving 10,000 customers of small and medium-sized companies through services such as Officer Keeper helped to enter foreign market more efficiently. It will conduct a global beta operation service and officially launch it in Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions including South Korea and Japan in the near future. Exosphere Labs is where it develops services that are provided by Exosphere.


The service (https://exosphere.co.kr/) blocks malware, phishing, spam, and others from visiting harmful sites; Machine learning and humanity-based anti-malware; Anti-malware with highest specification vaccine engine from Global top tier Avira; Preventing unidentified access to a protected folder; Control of the Ransomware protection folder to prevent unknown attacks such as Ransomware, Control of media to detect use of portable storage devices with suspected malware; Check for latest version of major software; Check for shared folders; Check for PC security real-time; and Back-up and recovery features.


The endpoint services applied to these different layers can be easily monitored and managed through a cloud-based single management back office.


It was designed for easy use by companies that are difficult to hire security professionals and was able to address all endpoint security with a single adoption.

It will also provide anti-virus for the service. It has gone further in content such as document centralization or email security area. San Ho Park, a CEO of Exosphere Labs said, “SMB customers often use all security budget on vaccines. However, they want to protect their information by adopting an endpoint security product. We also provide relevant functions to address those needs. We’ve already received VB100 certifications.”



Exosphere entered 2018 and 2019 RSA conference to introduce the brand. Since it has targeted global markets from the beginning, it is also paying attention to global marketing.


For the Exosphere project, Jiran is running its business and organization in a slightly different way than before. Exosphere in U.S will be in charge of service planning and Exosphere Labs in South Korea will develop services and products. Jiran developed a package product first then localize them for each country in the past. However, Exosphere was developed from the start for global markets.





All about Exosphere services


Because it is available in SaaS format, certain SMB customers can use the service directly through an Exosphere Cloud Server. Mainly, this service is targeting the SMB customers, but certain service providers with customers can also provide the Exosphere service by install it on the firewall. It is possible to adopt Exosphere and provide the service without spending huge amount of money on human resources, equipment, and SECaaS development and operation fee. Overall, you can either provide service directly or indirectly by partnering with certain large suppliers as B2B managed service form.


Park said, “Exosphere is available for 60 days free-trial. It supports Korean, English, and Japanese. We’re planning to go directly to the global market with cloud services.”


The Exosphere service is scheduled to begin its official service in July with lowest price in the world. ($40 to $50/ year)




The first Unified Threat Management(UTM) endpoint protection for SMBs.


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