Jiran connects Korea and Japan with 'Pocket talk'


Spigen Korea, a mobile utility company, held a launching event for ‘Pocket Talk’ on March 26 at its headquarters event hall.


Pocket Talk is a ‘real-time interpreter’ that listens to voice in time and translate them to provide results. It is a portable two-way interpreter that supports 74 languages in 126 countries, and unlike other translation services provided by existing interpreters or mobile apps, it is possible to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi. Also, Pocket Talk uses separate engine for each language.


Pocket Talk was developed by Japanese company, Sourcenext, and is also popular with senior citizens who are not familiar with mobile devices because of its simple UI. Spigen Korea is in charge of selling this product in Korea.


The meeting between manufacturers and distributors came through Jiran Japan, a Jiran group in Japan specializing in software, which has been growing through years of experience and continuous efforts in the Japanese market.



On the spot, Spigen Korea expressed their desire to bring new products to Korean and foreign markets through active communication with IT companies, while providing new experiences to users with outstanding products and services.


Also, Spigen plans to maintain a good relationship with related companies and create a synergy effect, including the development of a product that includes Spigen’s technologies.


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