MobileKeeper is an integrated enterprise mobile solution

JiranSecurity takes a leap forward to become the total solution vendor for corporate mobile strategy.



MobileKeeper is an integrated enterprise mobile solution.


MobileKeeper is the EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution representing korea that meets the diverse mobile security and management requirements resulting from the proliferation of BYOD, i.e., using personal devices for business, and COBO / COPE, i,e., using company owned devices for business.


MobileKeeper ensures secure access of enterprise mobile business system and core data as well as protection / management of mobile devices and contents to prevent mobile information leakage and implement the optimum mobility environment to each enterprise. 





#1. No.1 in Korea

  • No.1 in BMT, No.1 in references and No.1 in customer satisfaction
  • There are many cases by operation purpose / industry / target and diverse references.
  • First in korea to have references in the greatest number of industries


#2. Superior technology

  • Named an excellent company in MDM technology by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2012)
  • Recieved the Mobile Security Technology Award (2013)
  • Recieved the grand prize at the Korea Technology Awards ceremony (2014)
  • Recieved the 16th Mobile Security Technology Award (2016)


#3. Certified solution

  • Meets the National Intelligence Service, Financial Supervisory Service, and KISA mobile security compliance response and auditing requirements
  • Acquired securiry conformance validation (SL-3 / SL-4)
  • First in Korea to acquire GS certification (2012)
  • First in Korea to acquire CC certification (2014, 2017)


#4. Expertise

  • Consulting and operation guide through a specialized PM
  • User change management plan and operational stability
  • Implements professional solutions for different targets, e,g., employees, business partners, and temporary visitors



MobileKepper for MAM & MCM


Makes it easy to register / distribute / update business apps, and provides a corporate – dedicated App Store so users can check installation information. Also, depending on the authorized / unauthorized app setting and the MobileKeeper security policy, you can respond to the mobile ransomware/APT by forcing the app to be downloaded only from the trusted App Store through the “unknown sources” item.


App Security Additional Solution


MobileKeeper Vaccine

  • Malware verification
  • Flexible vaccine scanning and update support
  • Vaccine scanning / update support provided only when the business app is operated
  • Device-based all-time scanning / automatic update support


MobileKeeper Secure Keypad

  • Creates virtual Keypad
  • Encrypts important input information
  • Prevents device memory hacking 
  • Multi-platform support


MobileKeeper App Obfuscation

  • Cloud-based double obfuscation
  • First, source code obfuscation protects source codes.
  • Second, binary (Wrapping) obfuscation protects apps.
  • Conducts automatic obfuscation


MobileKeeper App Forgery & Alternation Prevention

  • Integrity verification on business app and detection / prevention of forged app
  • Complex verification by comparsion of hash and signature key value (patented)
  • Safe forgery verification within device without server communication
  • Security warning or forced deletion of app upon forgery


MobileKeeper for MDAC


Replaces existing security sticker for mobile devices in the security area, and provides device control policies in compliance with internal security policies.


MobileKeeper for MDM


It provides device management functions to manage the status of individual and company owned devices, security policy setting, and prevention of loss/theft. in particular, with the recent increase in enterprise – owned corporate devices, we provide special security and management functions only for corporate devices.


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