How to fight ransomware with Exosphere Endpoint Protection

The “WannaCry” ransomware outbreak in May 2017 infected over 230,000 computers in 150 countries. It was spread by exploiting a known windows vulnerability. It then encrypted all PC files and requested ransom in Bitcoin to unlock all files.



How to defeat such an attack with Exosphere?


With Exosphere, it’s easy to monitor cyber-attacks and prevent the data loss. From PC Healthcheck to Back-up, Exosphere helps you to protect against today’s advanced threats.


<PC healthcheck>

When PC healthcheck is in place, the operating system is reguarly patched, thereby WannaCry and other ransomware attempting to exploit known vulnerabilities will fail to spread.



Advanced anti-malware will neutralize the threat as soon as it is discovered in the wild.



Exosphere’s anti-ransomware capability implements a data firewall that denies WannCry (or any other unknown application) from overwriting user data.



Even if all else has failed and the ransomware was able to corrupt user files, these will easy to restore from the Exosphere backup.


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