JiranSecurity to launch IPO to hit its $100 million annual revenue target in 5 years


JiranSecurity made its KOSDAQ debut on 2016 to expand its annual revenue to $100 million in 5 years. JiranSecurity is a security company with major services in email security, document security, and mobile security. The domestic market share for email security is 60% and MDM in mobile security area is 90%.


JiranSecurity was orginally one company as Jiran, but became subsidiary in 2014. “The listing on the KOSDAQ market will allows JiranSecurity to securing talented human resources and develop great services.” said Yoon DooShik, the CEO of JiranSecurity. He also said that IPO (initial public offering) is the turning point of JiranSecurity to hit $100 million annual revenue target in 2020 and become top 3 security company in South Korea. 



JiranSecurity launched D’Cent, a cryptocurrecny hardware wallet with IoTrust Co., Ltd. and SaniTOX, the content disarm & reconstruction solution which employs JiranSecurity’s CDR engine that can counter unknown security threats by removing executable active contents (Such as macro and Javascript) and embedded objects (butons and OLE objects) in the files and then recombining the disarmed files as safe files. SaniTox is one of the main service that JiranSecuity will continue to focus on. 


“We are planning to continue investing in blockchain technology for future businesses. We are currently developing a system for verifying receiving e-mail messages.” said Yoon. Developing new services with new technology is very important for Jiransecurity to become 100-year-lasting security company.


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