Most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet, D'CENT, started global business


D’CENT, the hardware wallet for RSK and RRC-20 ecosystem, was created by IoTrust Co., Ltd. and JiranSecurity. JiranSecurity happily invested and supported IoTrust because IoTrust is strong with low level embedded security technology and Jiran is currently focusing on software and cloud technology, so combining two items could create bigger synergetic effect.



D’CENT in Japan


D’CENT first started the global business in Japan by getting a help from Jiran. Jiran has been working in Japan for 8 years and successfully become one of big security company in Japan. Also, Japan is second biggest country with high demand of cryptocurrency after United States. Jiran Introduced D’CENT to one of Jiran’s biggest partner, Softbank and decided it would be better to start selling D’CENT in Plusstyle, a online platform for IoT products. Last year, Jiran introducted D’CENT in IST2018 at Tokyo, Japan, and planning to attends GiftShow exhibition on this year. 



Expanding global business


Jiran is currently working on cloud back up service for D’CENT and planning to have paid service in 2020. Also, Jiran is trying to recieve CE for Europe and FCC for United States to expand global business in 2019. 



Learn more about D’CENT


  • Multi-Crypto Currency Support

Supports the most pupular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monacion, Ethereum, ERC-20, and Ripple. 


  • Secure Private Key Management

Unlike other products on the market, D’CENT supports secure generation of private key directly from the device without connecting to additional software program.


128×128 pixel display allows full comprehensive view of your transactiond etails and accounts.


  • Biometrics Authentication

Built-in fingerprint scanner adds convenience and enhanced security for access control and fast transcation signing.


  • State of the art Security

Designing for security, the multi-IC architecture provides the strongest protection for privacy and private key.


In case of lost, stolen, or wiped to factory setting, wallet recovery process is optimized for easy and fast recovery.



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