Jan. 01, 2018

Jiran is one of long-lasting, yet still growing software company in South Korea.


Jiran is one of the oldest information security company in South Korea, which was established in 1994. For 25 years, Jiran have been developing security solutions and business solutions for a better world. In 2018, Jiran became a leader in the Korean software industry by achieving $100 million domestic software sales revenue, which is rare for software companies if they are not a large company.






Jiran's  annual revenue (Unit : KRW)


Our Vision

Global software company with value of 1 trillion won
Be the only 1
Find out 10 tangible growth values and make them progress.
Be one of the global top 100 software companies.
Make our 10 growth values to have 100 million dollars value each.
Be a billion dollars value company together with 10 of 1,000 billion Won (100 million dollars) values.


Jiranfamily in Korea




No.1 solution in South Korea x10 = Jiranfamily

From information security solutions to business messenger and Android apps, Jiran has Korea’s top 10 software solutions with 40,000 business customers.