SaniTOX, a contents malware disarm & reconstruction


Feb. 19, 2019

Evolving & Developing Malware Attacks


The latest security threats involve continuous document-based attacks that utilize social engineering coupled with technology for bypassing security solutions in order to neutralize the existing security environment and induce the execution of malware. Responding to such document-based attacks is more difficult than in the case of general security threats because they take advantage of active contents (Macro, JavaScript, OLE objects, etc.) that can be executed in the application software, such as MS Office, HWP, and PDF, to tactfully distribute malware. Therefore, the Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology is receiving a lot of attention as the next-generation malware protection that can supplement the existing security solutions.




What is CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)?


Gartner, an IT research firm that can effectively respond to security threats that are becoming advanced and smarter, 

introduces CDR, along with network sandbox, as a solution to respond to advanced attacks at the secure E-mail gateway.



CDR, The next generation malware protection technology


CDR disarms active contents (Macro, JavaScript, OLE objects, etc) in files and recombines the disarmed files as safe files. Use of CDR as a solution to respond to document-based malware attacks, such as Ransomware and APT, is increasing, because it removes the active contents in files to prevent the execution of security threats in advance.




Protect and Prevent! SaniTOX, a solution for preemptive response


SaniTOX is a contents malware disarm solution which employs Jiran Security’s CDR engine, developed based on the company’s contents security operation know-how and technology. SaniTOX establishes a secure environment in which potential security threats are prevented in advance, by removing active contents in files coming through various channels, such as E-mails and web·file servers, and reconstructing the disarmed files as safe files.



SaniTOX main features


  • CDR (Content Disarm & Rescontruction) and Anti Virus
  • Flexible Policy Management
  • Log and Statistics Report
  • Supports Various Integration Methods
  • Supports Various File Formats
  • Appliance Optimization


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